Beyond the Stars

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Jeunoicon.png Beyond the Stars
(Kampf der Titanen)
Auftraggeber: Nomad Moogle (J)
Ru'Lude Gardens bei (H-5)
Voraussetzungen: Level 81+
The nomad moogle claims to have perfected another procedure that will send your powers burgeoning to even greater heights. Acquire ten Kindred's crests and five merit points if you fancy yourself ready for the undertaking

Der Nomaden-Moogle und Maat sind bereit, dich in das Geheimnis wirklich wahrer, unheimlicher, fantastischer und sagenhafter Macht einzuweihen, sofern du zehn Aristokraten-Siegel und fünf Verdienstpunkte bringst!
~Nomad Moogle (J) Nomad Moogle (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Empfohlener Level: 81+
Beteiligte Items: Kindred's crest Kindred's crest
Belohnung: Vorheriger Auftrag: Nächster Auftrag

Aufhebung der Level 85 Begrenzung
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  • Das Game gleicht dem von "Stein, Schere und Papier"
  • "Raging Beast" (Red) schlägt "Silent Wind" (Blue)
  • "Soaring Dragon" (Green) schlägt "Raging Beast" (Red)
  • "Silent Wind" (Blue) schlägt "Soaring Dragon" (Green)
  • Gewinnt fünf Runden um das Spiel für euch zu entscheiden.
  • Verliert ihr müsst ihr von vorne beginnen.

Spoiler Plot Details Spoiler

Beyond the Stars - Ru'Lude Gardens
Skript Part 1: Gespräch mit Nomad Moogle
Nomad Moogle:
Great King Kupofried's ghost! Look who's back, and right on schedule.
However do you always know when to come here, kupo?
We inflict upon you progressively more profound pain each time, and still you come back for more.
Are you perhaps a practitioner of a certain Far Eastern religious discipline?
Or perhaps you were simply dropped on your head as a child.
Yes, that seems the more likely answer.
Nomad Moogle:
But hey, it's your bruised and battered body, not mine, kupo.
Either way, you'll be pleased to know that the previous two experiments are going to feel like child's play compared to what we have in store for you this time.
And though you'll indubitably ignore me, it's my duty to warn you.
There's no guarantee things will go as smoothly as last time, kupo.
If you ask me, you're lucky that crazy moogle magic ever worked.
I'd think twice about this if I were you...
Nomad Moogle:
So how about it, kupo?
Test your limits?
  • Of course!
    Nomad Moogle:
    How did I know you'd say that?
    Very well. To power the process this time, we'll be needing 10 Kindred's crests.
    And you'll need to prime your own physical energies by storing up 5 merit points.
    I've got a bad feeling about this...
    Nomad Moogle:
    Well, if you every need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
  • On second thought...
    Nomad Moogle:
    Taking a pass today, are we?
    Fine with me. No fur off my back, kupo.Maat:
    Phew... That's a relief.
    Nomad Moogle:
    Well, if you every need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
Skript Part 2: Übergabe der Kindred's crests und der Merit Points
Nomad Moogle:
Well, it looks like you're all ready.
And if you're ready, why, I'm more than ready
<Ahem>... Yoo-hoooooo, kupoooooo!
What's this? Has our guest of honor stood us up?
For shame, kupo!
Ah, well. We still have plenty of firepower at our disposal here.
Let's get the ritual rolling...
...Oh, how I've waited for this day!
Hah! Yah!
Nomad Moogle:
Ten years. Ten long years I walked through fire and ice, subjected my body and mind to the harshest of trainin'.
All for the day--the glorious day--when I could settle the score with you. Maat...prepare yourself!
What!? M-me?
Nomad Moogle:
Oh, do forgive me, Mister Degenhard.
I neglected to notify you that Player Name here would be your opponent today.
Maat... I face my battles with honor. The battle garb I wear is proof enough of that.
I thought you a worthy opponent, and yet you summon me all the way to Jeuno on some cruel jest?
In all my long years, I have never suffered such dishonor!
For this, you will get no mercy from me!
No mercy!!!
Wait a minute, old friend!
What is this talk of settling scores? Why, I never--
Hah! Do not play the fool, Maat!

It was written plain as day on your letter of challenge.
"If you think yourself worthy of wearing a black belt, you must defeat me in single combat!"
Nomad Moogle:
(Whoever could have penned such a preposterous missive?
Oh, that's was me, kupo!)
You break your promise, now I break you! Like you break your promise.
W-wait, Degenhard. This...this is madness!
Nomad Moogle:
Oh, good gracious me, Player Name!
He's preparing to come at Maat with every technique both in and out of the book, kupo!
If Maat doesn't unleash his own ultimate moves, he's as good as done for!
We must help him, Player Name!
I don't know how long I can hold them...
Hurry back soon, kupo!

Skript Part 3: Mini-Game
Nomad Moogle:
Look closely at the two masters, kupo.
See how they each emit an aura? That's a sign that a no-holds-barred showdown between techniques of inconceivable power is on the way!
There are three types of auras, indicating three of the most advanced, awe-inspiring bushin techniques.
But here's the key, kupo: though they are equal in power, each technique is ascendant over another.
The “Raging Beast” devours the “Silent Wind,” but is quelled by the “Soaring Dragon,” kupo.
The “Silent Wind” swallows up the “Soaring Dragon,” but is quelled by the “Raging Beast,” kupo.
The “Soaring Dragon” devours the “Raging Beast,” but is swallowed up by the “Silent Wind,” kupo.
We are dealing with two martial arts masters here, kupo.
An attack from an equal or inferior position will be easily deflected by the opponent.
Only by assuming a position of advantage will the attacker be able to break his opponent's defenses!
Now, are you ready, kupo!?
Ready, kupo!?
  • Heeeeee-yah!!!
    Nomad Moogle:
    Are you two done yappin'?
    Then prepare to die, coward! Hah! Eeeeee-yaaaaaah!
  • W-wait a minute...!
    Nomad Moogle:
    I don't know how long I can hold them...
    Hurry back soon, kupo!
Skript Part 4: Mini-Game gewonnen
You haven't changed a bit, friend.
All passion, no discipline.
Now settle down and listen for once.
Your opponent today isn't me, but this adventurer here.
Preposterous! This rank amateur--?
This “amateur” seeks to take his/her powers to a new level.
And for that, he/she and our purple-winged friend here have need of your strength.
R-ridiculous... So the challenge letter...and the black belt!
It was all some moogle farce?
Nomad Moogle:Hee hee, kupo.
Magian Moogle:
(It would seem that this nomad fellow is shrewder than he lets on, kupo.)
Nomad Moogle:
<Ahem> Sorry to keep you waiting, Player Name.
Now that all of our participants are properly warmed up, what say we get things started, kupo?
Now this is the momentaru I've been waiting for!
Nomad Moogle:
Everyone! To your positions, kupo!
Oh dear... Has my moogle magic failed me, kupo?
Magian Moogle:
What indomitable, indefatigable spirit, kupo!
Magian Moogle:
Incredible! These adventurers can endure even more punishment than we predicted.
The Mooglehood will be positively ecstatic to hear of this, kupo!
Hmph. I prefer trainin' the old-fashioned way.
Simply-wimply stupendous!
I must reportaru my findings at once!
Nomad Moogle:
Player Name. That was close. Too close, kupo.
My moogle magic may have finally reached its limits.
I can make no promises that next time will go as smoothly...
But that is a worry for another day.
Now go forth! A veritable universe of unbounded
possibilities awaits you, kupo!

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