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Weiblich Tarutaru

Standort: Windurst Woods (H-9)
Lokalisierung: Manustery

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Windurst Trust permit

Apururu: Why, hullo there!
A Windurst Trust permit?
Ah, you must be talking about that new magic-wagic!
My big brother is participataruing in the initiative, too!
But I think he might be too busy-wusy to see you right now...
Windurst is a peaceful nation, but my brother is looking for “the true meaning of peace.” At least-weast, that's what he said.
You know what would be wonderful? If you helped Vana'diel find peace, for the sake of your own nation-wation./If you helped my brother-wother for the good of Windurst.

The Heart of the Matter

Apururu: Hello-ello! And you are...
Oh, the volunteer to help us out with my Manustery's little mission, rightaru?
Very nice of you to have come.
My name is Apururu. I'm the Minister of the Manustery, and head of this Cardian workshop.
But first, I should give you a rundown of what the Manustery is all about, I s'pose.
The Manustery is the ministry in charge of the production of automaton guards, otherwise known as Cardians. As far as military might goes, our Cardians are second only to the Orastery's War Warlocks.
Have you ever tried speaking to those doll-like beings that answer back in the words of the stars? Well, they are our Cardians!
We cast a special kind of magic on a doll made of straw, cloth, and other stuff--that's what gives life to a Cardian.
We ask traveling merchants or adventurers to provide us with most of the materials we need to make Cardians. But there is one essential material we can't just ask anyone to provide us with...
That's why we leave the job of energizing Mana Orbs with magic to adventurers from Windurst only. These spheres are very important, so they cannot be entrusted to people-weople from other lands.
Here...take these six dark Mana Orbs that have lost their glow.
You are to go to the southeastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins in East Sarutabaruta.
That's the only magic tower that's still functioning well enough to energize Mana Orbs.
Ask Pore-Ohre at the Horutoto Ruins to find out how to energize Mana Orbs properly-woperly.
You could find it to be quite a troublesome task, so if you are not quite sure of yourself, ask some of your fellow adventurers for help. Well, good luck and ta-taru!

Some feral Cardians turned up againy-wainy?
It's quite an embarrassing tale for us at the Manustery, but some of the old Cardians from the war years escaped and went wild...
Those old Cardians carry out such wickedness as stealing Mana Orbs and attacking people.
Mana Orbs are their hearts, remember? So the reason they steal the Mana Orbs is to revive their friends who have run out of magic in their Mana Orbs.
But Mana Orbs are just spheres of magic. Unless there is a mage who can use the Mana Orb and breathe life into the Cardians, they are totally useless.
So even if they are successful in stealing the Mana Orbs, it serves them no purpose...
But I'm glad that you and poor Pore-Ohre are safe. That's the most important thing.
Well, anyway, thank you for all your trouble and hard efforts. Until next time, then, ta-taru...!


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