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Männlich Hume

Standort: Lower Jeuno (J-8)
Lokalisierung: Tenshodo HQ

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Magicite (Windurst)

Aldo: So you're the new diplomatic attaché. What, you've got a secret message from the archduke? Well, let me see it.
I see. Thanks for getting this to me. It says I'm supposed to tell you about magicite.
Magicite is found deep inside Castle Oztroja, Davoi, and Beadeaux. But those places are thick with beastmen, and those beastmen are quite cunning.
You'll need this to get inside Beadeaux.
Verena: Aldo...
Aldo: What is it, Verena? Can't you see I have a guest?
Verena: I know. That's what it's about.
I heard that the archduke has made a statement...
Aldo: He's ordered all beastmen out of Jeuno. He must not think it's safe to have them around anymore.
Verena: What? I think those creeps in the palace are a lot worse than any beastmen we have here!
It's like they're wearing can't tell what they're thinking. And their eyes are like cold stones. You're not gonna follow that order, are you?
Aldo: Well, I know how you feel, but with beastmen on the rampage out there, you can't blame people for feeling jittery about the ones in here.
You've heard about all that, haven't you?
Verena: Yeah, I've heard. But the beastmen in town haven't ever hurt anybody!
Aldo: I know that, Verena... But I don't think the average Jeunoan would agree.
Verena: No...
Aldo: Maybe it's the wise thing to do. You know, taking action before things get out of hand.
Well, I'll see if I can think up a better alternative. Don't worry. I'd be the last guy to chase them out of town.
Verena: Okay. You promised, remember!
Fickblix: Verena...
Aldo: Oh!
Verena: Fickie!
Fickie... Are you all right?
Fickblix: That's a weird thing to ask. I'm always all right. How about you? You look pale!
Verena: Oh, um... No. No, I'm fine.
Fickblix: Oh, all right. Well, let's get going!
Verena: Um, okay.


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