A Vessel Without a Captain

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CoPicon.png A Vessel Without a Captain (Ein Schiff ohne Kapitän)
(CoP 3.2)
Auftraggeber: Keiner
Voraussetzungen: Keine
Prishe has left for the Tenshodo in Jeuno to find her acquaintance, Grezzo. A visit to the Grand Duke Palace may also be necessary...

Prishe ist zum Tenshodo in Jeuno aufgebrochen, um ihren Bekannten, Grezzo, zu finden. Möglicherweise ist auch ein Besuch im Palast des Großherzogs notwendig...
Empfohlener Level: 30+
Beteiligte Items:
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission
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  • Macht euch auf nach Lower Jeuno zum Neptune's Spire bei (J-7), und klickt dort die Tür die zum Hauptquartier führt an, um eine Zwischensequenz zu erhalten.
  • Nach der Zwischensequenz geht ihr in die Ru'Lude Gardens, in den Palast bei (H-8) für eine weitere Zwischensequenz.

Hinweis: Die Mission Crashing Waves von Rhapsodies of Vana'diel wird nun freigeschaltet.
Habt ihr diese Mission schon erreicht, beginnt die Zwischensequenz gleich nachdem ihr diese Mission beendet habt.

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Chains of Promatia - A Vessel Without a Captain
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz im Neptune's Spire bei (J-7) in Lower Jeuno
Wolfgang:Wait right there!
You must be extremely confident or extremely stupid to stroll back into Jeuno like this, Player Name.
We just received final authorization from your home nation.
You are under arrest. The charge is treason.
How's a man supposed to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of Opo-opo brew with all this commotion? Now is someone going to tell me what is going on here?
Aldo, I apologize for my sudden intrusion. We are not here to cause any trouble for your business. We have only come to escort this criminal back to the palace.
Ah! It's the dead guy/lady!
Hey! It's me! Don't you remember...
Wolfgang, Wolfgang, Wolfgang...
Take a look around you. Does this look like a courthouse? This is my home, and all those in my home are my guests. You wouldn't be calling my guests criminals, now, would you?
Aldo, this adventurer is not just some petty thief. He/She is suspected of committing treason against the Duchy. If you are thinking of harboring this menace to society, the Ducal Guard will be forced to take action.
Action? If you want to see some action, just try laying a finger on one of my guests.
Hmph... You never change, Aldo.
Adventurer! If you know what's good for you, you'll come to the Grand Palace and turn yourself in once you're finished here.
And don't even think about running. The warrant for your arrest has already been sent out across Vana'diel. There's nowhere to hide, Player Name.
Wow, so you are a criminal. Let me guess, they dumped you on Tavnazia as part of your punishment, right?
So what did you do? Robbery? Murder? Both...?
I see you two know each other.
Yeah. This shabby-looking adventurer washed up dead on my private beach. I helped bring him/her back to life.
Hey, wait a minute.
Aldo, why not ask this guy/lady? He'll/She'll tell you I'm not a liar.

Player Name, is it true that a small group of survivors has been living on the southern tip of Tavnazia for the past twenty years?
See! Now do you believe me?
This thickheaded buffoon wouldn't listen to a word I had to say!
Hah! Some strange girl comes breaking down my door, screaming the name of my father, Altana rest his soul--what was I supposed to do?
What were you supposed to do? What was I supposed to do?
The only person I could trust--hell, the only person I knew on the mainland--was Grezzo.
He told me that any time I was in trouble, he and the Tenshodo would help me out.
But now he's gone and...
Oh well, you'll still get us a boat so we can go home, right?
Hmmm... That's not going to be as easy as it sounds. I still have nautical maps charting the way to the Sealion's Den, but they're outdated. The currents in that area have changed a lot over the past twenty years...
It would take one hell of a navigator to make it to Tavnazia in one piece. But then again, I only employ the best of the best.
You may be in luck.
Just a few days ago, another customer came to me asking to take him to Tavnazia. I was ready to tell him no as well...until I saw the bag of gil he was offering.
Another customer? Why would anyone else want to go to Tavnazia?
I don't know. I'm not in the business of asking questions, young lady. As long as I get paid, I could care less what he does over there.
And I don't care if you tag along, but that's not for me to decide. You'll have to get the customer's permission.
Oh well. As much as I was looking forward to a private cruise, I guess I can't complain.
How thoughtful...
And you, Player Name. Why don't you go back to Tavnazia as well? You could lay low there for a while until Wolfgang's cooled off.
No way!
Player Name! If you're a real man/woman, you'll march your butt up to the Grand Duke Palace and face your crimes!
Tough on everyone but yourself, I see...
Very well. It will take some time to prepare the ship. I will send a messenger when everything is ready. Until then, why don't you take a look around the city?
Got it. Thanks, Aldo.
Alright! Now it's time to have some fun!
See ya, Player Name! Maybe we can get together again sometime...if you're still alive!
Well, it looks like you should probably turn yourself in. This may be the only chance to try and prove your innocence.

Skript Part 2: Zwischensequenz beim Betreten des Grand Duke Palace
We were beginning to wonder when you would arrive, Player Name.
The duke vicarious is meeting a messenger from the East as we speak. When she is finished, you shall be next. Until then, you shall be kept in custody.
I apologize for the absence of Grand Duke Kam'lanaut. I, Esha'ntarl, shall serve in his stead.
hear that you have come from the Eastern Empire to ask something of our nation. State your name and your request.
...I am Tenzen. Born and raised in the Far East, I serve as a samurai under the mighty dynasty.
Lady Esha'ntarl, may I ask why my audience was not met by the duke himself?
Since the revival of the Shadow Lord/Even after the defeat of the Shadow Lord, the grand duke has been overwhelmed with his duties to the people of this land.
However, you need not worry. I will take the responsibility of relaying your words directly to Lord Kam'lanaut.
These two shall be witness to that.
While short, my message is not a simple one. It is critical that the duke fully understands the grave nature of the situation that lies before us.
What I am about to say does not only affect my homeland, but the countries to the south and west, as well as this fair land.
The Emptiness is closing in.
It has already appeared in the far reaches of the Eastern Empire. I can assume that the same is true of the outlying areas in the southern and western lands.
The phenomenon started small, but in recent months it has begun to grow. Like sap oozes slowly from a tree, the Emptiness spreads across my country, swallowing whole the hills and forests.
As it approaches, the children begin to dream.
When it arrives, it is not long before the adults, too, begin to dream.
The dream is always the same...
It tells us...the Keeper of the Apocalypse will soon appear, and bring with him the end of Vana'diel.
The Keeper of the Apocalypse...
A frightening name, is it not?
Your report of this “darkness”--this Emptiness--it is not news to us. In recent weeks, there have been reports of similar phenomena occurring in the areas around Jeuno.
However, these reports state that the Emptiness, as you call it, is localized. That is why we have chosen to withhold this information from the public until it can be further researched. If it is true that the Emptiness has begun to spread, though, an immediate investigation may be necessary.
Shall the Duchy prepare a team?
You...do not know why the Emptiness has appeared?
Unfortunately, our scientists have not yet come to any concrete conclusions. If your empire has any definite data, we would be delighted to hear it.
Are you suggesting that the cause of the Emptiness may be found in my land? Do not tell me that you are unaware that the five shards of legend rest here!
Do not tell me that you are unaware that it is the power of the five shards that protects Vana'diel from the Emptiness!
Tenzen of the East...
You are very straightforward with your accusations.
Let me see...
You feel that Jeuno is the cause of the Emptiness's growth.
You feel that our attempts to harness the power of the crystals have resulted in the spread of the darkness, am I correct?
Well, I am sorry to say that you are quite mistaken. Jeuno is fully aware of the power that the crystals radiate forth.
The five shards--the mothercrystals--are what support our world.
We, the Duchy, have taken it upon ourselves to inherit the will of the ancients and protect the Zilartian ruins and the crystals they hold.
We have kept this information from the nations of Bastok, Windurst, and San d'Oria to shield the mothercrystals from those who may wish to wrongly use their power for personal gain.
I see that the Eastern Empire has learned of the crystals' existence, and therefore we can no longer trust you, either.
Jeuno cannot allow the power of the mothercrystals to fall into the hands of those who may exploit it.
My country's only wish is to prevent the Emptiness from taking away any more than it already has!
Seeing, with your own eyes, the darkness drain the life from your homeland... I can understand why you may not agree with our nation's stance.
Very well. I can tell you one thing.
The Duchy is currently in search of a boy. This boy is thought to be connected in some way to the Emptiness.
Even though he is not one of us, he has already found a way into three of the Zilartian ruins, the Emptiness following in his path.
We here believe that this boy is the Keeper of the Apocalypse of which you speak.
Could he be a messenger from another nation?
That we do not know.
Show the adventurer in.
This adventurer was with the boy when he appeared near the mothercrystals.
He/She hails from the nation of San d'Oria/Bastok/Windurst.
San d'Oria/The Republic/The Federation!
What could the king/the president/those mages be conspiring!?
Of course, the Kingdom/Bastok/Windurst has denied all ties to the boy.
As has this adventurer.
However, if we learn that San d'Oria/the Republic/the Federation is behind this threat to the mothercrystals and the well-being of all those residing on Vana'diel...
Whether allies or not, Jeuno will be forced to take action against the nation. We will destroy them.
But this is still nothing more than speculation. If we had the time to conduct a proper investigation, it would be the first thing we did.
Unfortunately, time is one luxury we do not have.
And that is why we must capture the boy immediately to learn of what he knows...
And that is why I offer you a chance--a chance to prove your country's true intents by joining this battle to save your nation--no, all of Vana'diel
Travel to the fourth crystal and wait for the boy. When he arrives, capture him and bring him here.
Unlike the first three crystals, the fourth lies deep beneath Vana'diel's surface, somewhere below the glaciers of the Northlands.
Thirty years ago, an allied expedition visited the Northlands. If you could find one of the original members, you may be able to obtain some valuable information.
Francmage M Mistalle, of the Knights Mistalle in San d'Oria...
Iru-Kuiru, from the Rhinostery in Windurst...
Mythril Musketeer captain, Ulrich, from Bastok...

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