A Land After Time/Plot Details

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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - A Land After Time
Skript Part 1: Shatterd Telepoint Crag von Mea
Lion? Lion!?
I...saw it again...
Player Name, that special orb you have is a relic from the future.
Maybe that explains the visions I've been having.
If what it portends is true, then there is nothing we can do to stop the darkness from approaching.
But Player Name, I saw nothing about whether or not you were there to try to stop it.
What if there is no one to stand up for Vana'diel? Will it perish with but a whimper?
Lion, perhaps it is because the orb is not yet fully illuminated.
I agree. Yet we learned about the coming darkness before the light could fully arrive...likely ushering it in before we were ready.
I know not what the two of you are on about, so I will ask one simple question: what can we do?
Player Name, there are many paths that lie before you.
They opened up the moment you banished the Shadow Lord from our realm.
My dream showed me many nations, many worlds...and you were there in each one, bringing succor to those who cried out.
Then it all falls into place.
In the future from which I hail, the master faced many threats--not just that one--and came to be known as one of Vana'diel's most storied heroes.
Master, you must bring history back to its natural state.
...And time is not exactly on our side...
And now you know everything that I do.
I'll do everything in my power to help you.
What the...
Lady Lion, allow me to express my gratitude.
Your honesty and strength of spirit has taken physical form.
And...you can use it?
Then you're quite welcome.
In the meantime, I'll continue my search for information about Escha.
Zeid, what do you plan on doing?
Gilgamesh has asked me to report back as soon as I know something, so my first order of business is to return to Norg.
Lion and Zeid, your assistance has been invaluable.
Master, I intend to learn all I can about that bell.
Perhaps you should head back to Norg as well.
Until then.